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Code of Conduct v1.1

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iFly Virtual Code of Conduct v1.1

iFly Virtual' mission is to create and maintain a realistic virtual-airline-simulation experience in a responsible and respectful fashion. Our goal is to promote the flight simulator and virtual airline community. In order to uphold our high standards, iFly Virtual members or "pilots", are required to abide by our codes of conduct outlined in this page. Failure to do so will result in an immediate termination from this site.

Basic communication and announcements will be sent as a NOTAM by the Virtual Airline's Internal Mailing Service, iMail. However, crucial Information shall be mailed to the Pilot at His/Her registered email address. The Pilot can choose either of the services to get in contact with the staff regarding any issues.

Each pilot is obligated to follow all codes of conduct while utilizing or affiliating themselves with iFly Virtual. iFly Virtual will not tolerate any form of inappropriate, or offensive comments/statements, cyberbullying, harassment, or any form of intimidation with fellow Pilots or non-members. iFly Virtual will investigate reports of users violating these policies. This also extends outside of the iFly Virtual website. iFly Virtual reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time without explanation, reason, or justification.

iFly Virtual has a zero-tolerance policy for piracy of any kind. Pirating will result in an immediate termination and notification to the necessary parties, companies, and agencies.

As a token of appreciation, the Pilot(s) of the month, Pilot of the Year and other active participation in the Virtual Airline Activities, shall be awarded and inducted in iFly Virtual' Hall of Fame.

vMoney (Rewards for Flight Hours) will NOT be substituted/accounted for any form of real-world currencies.

An amazing pilot group is paramount to iFly Virtual' success, as such, we encourage pilots to share their thoughts and suggestions with our staff at any time.

iFly Virtual strives to be one of the most creative, positive, and rewarding virtual airlines. In order to achieve this goal, our community has to be a leader in all of these fields. This start by our user base respecting and promoting our policies and principles. To protect this mission, iFly Virtual reserves the right to terminate any pilot at any time for any reason in addition to a violation of any of the codes of conduct. Users who do not agree with these terms are not eligible for membership.

iFly Virtual encourages pilots to fly online. Pilots are required to adhere to the policies of the online client. If the pilot is unfamiliar with those policies, read the policies before logging in. If you have any questions regarding online policies, contact the appropriate party to clarify. iFly Virtual will consider a violation of online policies a violation of our policies and will investigate any reports of misconduct while utilizing an online client.

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